The endorsements and support of conservative leaders and locals are critical to the success of our campaign. Join with them so we can send Jason up to Washington to represent our values!

Ted Cruz on Jason Wright for Congress

“I’m proud to endorse Jason Wright for Congress. Jason is a friend–and a strong, principled conservative–who, since I was first elected, has served on my team as a tremendously effective regional director in both Dallas and East Texas.

We desperately need principled reinforcements in Congress, and I know that Texans can trust Jason to keep his word and fight tirelessly to defend our conservative values. His business experience, common sense, and passionate love of liberty will make him a terrific Member of Congress. I urge Texans to send Jason to Washington to help us defend the Lone Star State.”

Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator

Wayne Christian Texas Railroad Comissioner

“I am proud to endorse Jason Wright for Congress. A fellow East Texan, Jason is a principled conservative who will go to D.C. and work to advance our values and reduce the size of government. Jason is a leader and he’ll be a voice conservatives can be proud of!”

Wayne Christian

Texas Railroad Commissioner

matt schaefer endorsing Jason Wright

“Bold. Conservative. Smart. That’s Jason Wright. My respect for Jason comes from years of friendship and watching him work to defend our values. Restoring conservative values requires bold action, and that requires a bold conservative like Jason Wright. He has my full confidence.”

Matt Schaefer

Texas State Representative and Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.

JoAnn Fleming - Grassroots America

“Jason Wright is a man of deep conviction and personal courage. He’ll never allow the political ruling class to shape him into just another DC politician. I’m supporting Jason because he will always fight for the constitutional conservative values that Texans hold dear.”

JoAnn Fleming

Executive Director, Grassroots America-We The People

Kaye Gooldby

“Jason has the character to go to D.C. and fight for our conservative values. He will be a strong defender of liberty in the U.S. House of Representatives and most importantly, he will win.”

Kaye T. Goolsby

Texas Federation of Republican Women officer and member of the Board of Directors with the National Federation of Republican Women. Grassroots leader for Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate and President, Greg Abbott campaign and Ken Paxton campaign

Pastor Rafael Cruz

“Jason Wright has a wealth of experience that he will bring to Congress. Jason Wright is a true constitutional conservative that will fight for limited government, for the rule of law, for free enterprise, for defending the constitution and the values that have made America the greatest country on the face of the earth.”

“I encourage you to support Jason Wright. Make sure that we expand the Freedom Caucus and restore America to that shining city on a hill to the glory of God.”

Rafael Cruz


Ray Myers

“We need conservative leaders in the mold of Senator Ted Cruz to go to Washington and fight for those values in Congressional District 5. Jason Wright is the man we need in DC!”

Ray Myers

Chairman, Kaufman County Tea Party

“Jason Wright is a principled conservative who will go to
Washington and represent our East Texas values. I urge the people of Van Zandt County and the 5th Congressional District to support Jason’s campaign!”

Dwayne “Doc” Collins

Founder, Edom County Tea Party

Stacy Mcmahan

“Jason has been a strong and highly principled leader for East Texas. Jason is a man of his word, and exactly what we need in DC to fight for liberty, conservatism, and Texas values. I encourage the voters, in the district, to support Jason Wright for the 5th Congressional District of Texas.”

Stacy McMahan

Co-founder and Executive Director, East Texans for Liberty

Sue Evenwell

“Jason Wright is a passionate conservative who will champion our traditional principles and values in Washington, DC, to effect positive change for our state and nation. Jason has earned the respect of the grassroots for being tenacious and articulate about our issues. We can count on his strong leadership in Congress. I am urging the people of the 5th Congressional District to vote for Jason Wright in the March primary.”

Sue Evenwell


Maggie Wright

“In Jason I see a lot of the same principle, dedication, and willingness to fight for liberty and the Constitution that led me to be an early supporter of Senator Ted Cruz. That why I am supporting Jason and why I urge the voters in the 5th Congressional District of Texas to support Jason.”

Maggie Wright

Founding Member and Past President, Texas Patriots Tea Party

Mike Openshaw

“Jason is a strong leader who will always fight for our conservative values in D.C. I trust Jason to be a leader in Congress and I urge the conservative grassroots of the 5th Congressional District to coalesce around Jason’s Candidacy!”

Mike Openshaw

Co-founder of the North Texas Tea Party

Brad Underwood

“I am supporting Jason Wright because he is a rock-solid conservative who will lead the fight for a smaller federal government and protect individual liberty. I strongly urge the voters of the 5th Congressional District of Texas to join me in supporting Jason.”

Brad Underwood

Leader of Dallas Liberty Center and Precinct Chair

Julie McCarty endorsed Jason Wright

“Jason Wright is a principled conservative leader who will work hard to advance conservative solutions in Congress. I trust and support Jason and urge the voters of the 5th Congressional District to trust and support Jason!”

Julie McCarty

President of the NE Tarrant Tea Party.

Dennis Cable Endorses Jason Wright

Dennis Cable


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